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Pink Faun D-POWER 2x90i

Pink Faun D-POWER 2x90i

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The Pink Faun D power 2x90i is an integrated amplifier, equipped with the new Pink Faun volume control with a 75-position switch with continuously just one component in the signal. It is equipped with a remote control, home theater circuit looping, balance control and source level adjustment. The amplifier consists of a discrete zero feedback prestage and driver stage (75% of the signal) with a class D output stage (damping factor 600 full range).

The Pink Faun D power 2x90i has a supply with 100.000 uF buffer capacity and a special wounded 270 Watt low B power transformer. It has an output of 2 x 90 Watt at 4 ohm. The amplifier has a relatively heavy supply which is able to drive the most difficult speakers with ease although the class A preamplifier section still keeps the sound very musical. The amplifier has RCA inputs, a 230V polarity control and speakers can be connected either directly with wire, banana and spades.


Możliwości rozbudowy urządzenia:

-Konektory wyjść/wejść Furutech (Rod) +3050zł;
-Złącze zasilania Furutech FI-09 (Rod) +650zł;
-Zmiana bezpiecznika wraz z uchwytem (Wersja z rodu) +550zł.

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