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Pink Faun D-POWER 2X90

Pink Faun D-POWER 2X90

końcówka mocy stereo

3999 zł

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The Pink Faun D Power 2X90 is a 2×90 Watt integrated class D amplifier controlled by a fully discrete zero feedback symmetric JFET Class A prestage. This stage provides about 75% of the  amplification which the class D stage buffers. This combines the musical sound of the class A stage with the power of the class D stage (damping factor 600 full-range per module).

The supply of the Pink Faun D Power 2X90 is based on a heavy 250 Watt low B power transformer with 100.000 uF low esr capacitors for buffering. Each channel of the pre stage supply has passive stabilisation, with a large bandwith and virtually no effect to the sound.The amplifier is built with very fast diodes, low-esr capacitors with silver-mica bypass capacitors, and only Allen-Bradley resistors and militairy paper in oil output capacitors in the signal.

The Pink Faun D Power 2×90 has a relatively heavy supply which is able to drive the most difficult speakers with ease although the class A preamplifier section still keeps the sound very musical. The amplifier has two RCA and two XLR inputs, a 230V polarity control and can remote on and off (5V trigger). Available in silver and black.


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