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Pink Faun Thalia

Pink Faun Thalia

Sprzęt używany - cena obniżona

cena: 35000

cena nowych : eur 12990,00      pln 51150,00

Pink Faun Thalia, the new high-efficiency (98dB) system of Pink Faun is built with a 30 cm horn and a 30 cm underhung paper bass. The drivers that are used are remakes of the original Altec-drivers. The American company Great Plains Audio has received the rights of Altec Lansing to release those drivers. The speaker units are fully underhung which results in a 100% use of the voice coil so that the speaker units have a lot of speed and less weight.

The Pink Faun Thalia is constructed with the finest components including: Tritec coils, paper in oil capacitors and Allan Bradley resistors. Which results in a very fast, open and natural sound. The speakers are available in various types of wood veneer. Other types of finishes are available at extra cost.

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