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Monster Cable Z2 Reference

Monster Cable Z2 Reference

Kabel głośnikowy 2x5m

cena: 749

– Time Correct® multiple gauge wire networks for increased clarity.
– PEX™ dielectric for lower noise floor.
– MultiTwist™ construction for improved reproduction of inner detail.
– Magnetic Flux Tube® for more natural music reproduction.

Hear It the Way the Producer or Director Intended

Your speaker cables play an important role in accurately delivering the full power and depth of audio signals from your music or home theatre source to your speakers. Through years of critical listening. Monster Cable® has found that the best cable designs go beyond just large-guage conductors. Construction methods,precision windings and insulating materials all have a profound effect on what you hear. Z2 Reference combines many of Monster’s finest speaker cable technologies for superior performance from today’s audiophile stereo and home theatre systems

Time Correct® Windings with Monster’s Patented Magnetic Flux Tube® for Increased Audio Accuracy
Z2 Reference features six bass conductors and several mid/high frequency conductor networks wound around Monster’s patented Magnetic Flux Tube®,specially designed to control distrotion-producing magnetic fields for better clarity and soundstage. Meticulously constructed using Time Correct windings, Z2 ensures that low,mid and high frequency signals arrive at the same time for smoother , more natural sound and improved imaging.

MultiTwist Construction and Pex Dielectric for enhanced depth and Reproduction of Inner detail
Z2 Reference incorporates our famous MultiTwist construction,an ultra-tight winding of connectors resulting in enhanced sonic performance with superior noise rejection throughout the audio bandwidth. Combined with our specially formulated PEX dielectric,Z2 Reference offers incredibly low dynamic noise and startling realism in your favorite music and film soundtracks. You’ll hear details you never heard before – from nuances in vocals and dialog to high frequency detail like the rustling of leaves,to the low-end rumbling of the loudest explosion

Monster’s 24K Gold Contact, Precision Machined Connectors Maximize Signal Transfer
Z2 Reference features precision-machined Monster® pins, bananas, spades, or any combination for high integrity signal transfer with a tight connection to speakers and components. The 24K gold contacts provide maximum corrosion resistance for long term reliability.

Enjoy More Dimensional Sound from Your Speakers
Z2 Reference combines advanced technologies to accurately transfer audio signals to your stereo or home theatre surround speakers, down to the last detail – soundstage, imaging, dynamic range and resolution. It offers precision performance that lets you enjoy music and films the way the producer or director intended.

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