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Pink Faun 2.16

Pink Faun 2.16

cena: 31000

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pink faun streamer 2.16

The Pink Faun streamer 2.16 is our top-of-the-line music server. Our aim was to design the absolute digital source for customers who demands the best. Only one solution can achieve this goal: a computer-based system. The best music discovery- and management software and the best audio playback software is fully integrated in the Pink Faun streamer 2.16:

-Roon Labs   library management, the music player for music lovers

-HQplayer  a high quality bit-perfect multichannel audio player

The base of the streamer 2.16 is an advanced and well-designed linear ATX power supply, containing three power transformers to feed the highest quality computer parts available. With fully integrated Roon Labs- and HQPlayer software the streamer 2.16 delivers a smooth and unmatched performance in music experience.

Pink Faun’s design philosophy guarantees a smooth and flawless  playback. In our design we leave the digital signal nearly untouched to perform the purest musical realism. All this without any compromises on controlling the streamer and on the convenience of setting it up properly. There’s no interaction with the software on the streamer itself, the only interaction is controlling the streamer from a tablet or smartphone. Every single unit of the streamer is designed and assembled manually in-house with the greatest care and attention. Doing so Pink Faun ensures the highest quality of every step in the production process.

The modular design of the digital output allows the owner to easily adapt and upgrade the streamer to any future changes of the DAC.

Digital output options for the streamer are:

-I2S                 (32/192 PCM only up to 8 channels)
-SPDIF          (24/192, COAX, BNC, AES/EBU with optional clock out)
-USB              (PCM and DSD up to DSD1024)
-Network    (i.e. Mergin NADAC or MicroRendu or SOtM SMS200)


DUAL setup

For the most dedicated audiophile Pink Faun delivers the streamer 2.16 in a DUAL setup. In a DUAL setup the streamer provides a whole new experience in musical playback. The host (the first streamer in the DUAL setup) runs Roon Labs Core and outputs the digital signal through a galvanic isolated LAN cable directly to the audio transport (the second streamer in the DUAL setup) running HQPlayer.

The benefit of a DUAL setup is that all activities that are not directly audio related (i.e. library management, streaming services, playlists, control) are executed on the host (the first streamer). Doing so will completely alleviate the audio transport (the second streamer) that runs the HQPlayer software. The result is an extremely wide and open soundstage with an ink black background. The upgrade to the DUAL setup can be done later by adding the second streamer after first buying a single unit of the streamer 2.16.


Technical information


Streamer 2.16

-Custom-made aluminum rigid frame.
-Full passive cooled PSU and processor, an eight heat pipes cooling system for processor, no moving parts.
-Three Low-B, internal- and external shielded power transformers.
-16 linear regulated supplies.
-Separate linear supply for the processor, motherboard, SSD’s, OCXO clocks and the digital output card.
-Schottky rectifier diodes, crystalline core choke Pi-filters.
-Low ESR 105 degree Nichicon capacitors, the total buffer capacity is more than 800.000uF.
-Star-grounding- and star-power supply design.
-Separate powered OCXO clock for the motherboard chipset (upgrade).
-Separate powered OCXO clock for the processor (upgrade).
-Separate powered OCXO clock for the digital output card (upgrade).


-Full size ATX motherboard with optimized BIOS settings.
-AMD Ryzen 8-core processor, passive cooled with eight heat pipes cooling system, no moving parts inside.
-Corsair low-latency DDR4 memory.
-Samsung 250GB Pro SSD for operating system and playback software, additional music storage up to 12 GB SSD.


-Custom Arch Linux ultra-low latency operating system.
-Roon Core server.
-HQPlayer high quality bit-perfect multichannel audio player (PCM en DSD).
-Tidal high-res streaming (Tidal subscription not included).
-Including professional remote support.


Możliwości rozbudowy urządzenia:
-Ulepszenie oscylatora OCXO cyfrowego stopnia wyjściowego +2750zł;
-Rozbudowa przestrzeni dyskowej: na zamówienie.


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