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Bach Tango 1 HE/s

Bach Tango 1 HE/s

5999,00 zł

Almost as subtle as the SII HE, but because of the larger housing there is more attention for the lower frequencies. A perfect alternative for those, who are looking for a floor-standing, compact high-end speaker. Great timbre, accurate and warm-blooded. A sold speaker for many years.

Technical information:

-Power: 60W/80W (RMS);
-Max sound pressure: 103 dB @ 1 mtr;
-Frequency range: 35-30,000 Hz;
-Driver diameter/material: 13cm/paper,fiberglass; 26mm/titanium;
-Dimensions: 71x15x21 cm;
-Weight: 9.6 kg.


-Alcantara +1350zł;
-Improved Crossover +1650zł.

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