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Bach S2 HE/s

Bach S2 HE/s

9750 zł

According to many, the best compact speaker they have ever heard. What a compliment!

This two-way monitor is special in design and technology. Just like with the SI HE, the SII the bass pipe is at the back. It sounds just little bit more mature and  wider than its smaller one baby brother. The low tones are displayed almost to the lowest regions.

This compact speaker ‚shows’ you the bare truth! Extremely suitable for a nice and stable tripod.

Technical Information:

-Power: 60W/80W (RMS);
-Max sound pressure: 103 dB @ 1 mtr;
-Frequency range: 48-30,000 Hz;
-Driver diameter/material: 13cm/paper,fiberglass; 26mm/titanium;
-Dimensions: HxBxD: 27x17x29 cm;
-Weight: 6.8 kg.


-Alcantara +850zł;
-Improved Crossover +1650zł.

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