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Pink Faun IL-1dig

Pink Faun IL-1dig

Kabel sygnałowy

2050 zł

Standardowa długość  80cm, każde dodatkowe 25cm to: +400zł.

The Pink Faun IL-1DIG is a digital interlink especially made for SPDIF signals. This digital interlink is built with Pink Faun non-inductive tinned copper cable with Teflon shield. Due to triple shielding and the special structure the interlink cable has a low inductance and capacitance, which is very well matched to the 75 Ohm S / PDIF standard. The cable is able to transmit digital signals with great peace and musicality. The durability of the cables is very long, which also guarantees a constant quality in the future. The cable can be supplied with Furutech FP-601m and FP-602F Rhodium connectors. The standard length is 80 cm.

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