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Pink Faun DAC 4.32 se

Pink Faun DAC 4.32 se

cena: 4400

There are many possibilities if you want to start streaming music. The basis of streaming audio is always a computer, whether it is a one-chip processor in a network player / music streamer or a PC based system. The big advantage of a PC based system is more computing power and the ability to always install the best and latest software for playing music. This assures you of the latest developments and you are never dependent on the software and updates from the manufacturer of networking or music streamer.

To get the best out of your computer a good Digital Analog Converter (DAC) is required. The Pink Faun DAC 4:32 SE offers an entry-level DAC with high-end performances. The DAC 4:32 SE is built around the 32-bit Burr-Brown PCM1795 DAC chip, it has a discrete IV converter, coupled with a single ended class A output stage, everything completely with zero feedback. The Pink Faun DAC 4:32 SE has no equal in its class.

The Pink Faun DAC 4:32 SE has a extensive supply which includes LOW ESR ceramic capacitors, a LOW ESR ceramic power capacitor, nano-crystalline core coils and a custom design LOW B power transformer equipped with a 5mm steel shielding. This results in a peaceful, controlled, spacious and dynamic sound. By default, the DAC 4:32 SE is equipped with a I2S input with HDMI connector. This makes it possible to control directly with the Pink Faun I2S bridge, the world’s first I2S interface between computer and DAC. S/PDIF optical and coax connections are standardly included on the Pink Faun DAC SE 4:32 on which you can easily upload the sound of the digital TV or CD player. An optional USB input is possible to stream native DSD files to a maximum of DSD512.

The Pink Faun DAC 4:32 SE specifications:
– Burr Brown PCM 1795
– Discreet IV converter
– PCM 32 bit / 192kHz on I2S
– PCM 32 bit / 192kHz and DSD64-128-256-512 on USB (optional)
– PCM 24 bit / 192kHz on SPDIF optical and coax
– Non-oversampling
– Discrete single ended class A zero feedback analog stages
– Linear power supply with a pi-filter and buffer 75.000uF
– Available in silver and black


Możliwości rozbudowy urządzenia:
-Złącze zasilania Furutech FI-09 (Rod) +650zł;
-Moduł USB +550zł;
-Konektory wyjść/wejść Furutech (Rod) +550zł;
-Zmiana bezpiecznika wraz z uchwytem (Wersja z rodu) +550zł.

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