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Pink Faun DAC 3.32

Pink Faun DAC 3.32

cena: 8850

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The base of the Pink Faun DAC 3:32 consists of two 32 bit PCM1795 DA converters. The control of this DAC 3:32 is done by means of an a-synchronous re-clock which results in a minimum degree of jitter. The DAC 3:32’s response formats to PCM 32 bit / 192kHz, DSD 64 128 DSD and DXD. Behind the DACs a fully discrete I / V-converter is used coupled directly to a single-ended output stage mosfet which is coupled to a DC servo so that there are no capacitors in the signal path. The very short analog signal line without feedback gives the DAC 3:32 unique dynamic sound character in a natural way.

The Pink Faun DAC 3:32 is equipped with the Pink Faun I2S input and a 24/192 optical and coax SPDIF input. The Pink Faun DAC 3:32 can be extended through plug-in cards. These plug-in cards are available with a fully electrically isolated 32/192 USB input, AES / EBU, I2S or SPDIF inputs. New developments will be able to easily implement through these cards, this prepares the Pink Faun DAC 3:32 for the future.

The Pink Faun DAC 3:32 supply consists of a low B power transformer, an active stabilization with a discrete regulator, a passive control with a very high bandwidth and an active regulator with high-frequency pi-filter per supply group. The DAC 3:32 contains 19 regulations in total. This results in a very clean, black and quiet sound image. The DAC 3:32 is constructed with Schottky diodes, low-ESR tantalum capacitor with COG bypass for the digital part, low-power capacitors with silver-esr mica bypass capacitors for the analog part and Allen Bradley resistors in the signal. The DAC 3:32 is optionally available with balanced outputs.


Możliwości rozbudowy urządzenia:
-Wejście USB +1300zł;
-Wyjście XLR +1100zł;
-Konektory wyjść/wejść Furutech (Rod) +1100zł;
-Złącze zasilania Furutech FI-09 (Rod) +650zł;
-Zmiana bezpiecznika wraz z uchwytem (Wersja z rodu) +550zł.

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