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pink faun I2S bridge st 8 channel

pink faun I2S bridge st 8 channel

2250 zł

Pink Faun’s I2S-Bridge is the new benchmark in high-end audio streaming for both listening to your favourite music and watching your favourite movies. Each digital-to-analog converter (DAC) transports data internally using the I2S format. The point is how to bridge the gap between a computer-based streamer and your DAC. The I2SBridge designed by Pink Faun solves that problem and improves the sound quality tremendously. Any form of coding/decoding, applicable to USB, S/PDIF and FireWire, is now history.

The Pink Faun I2S-Bridge is a plug-and-play PCI-Express card suitable for the Windows platform. Pink Faun has developed I2S-Bridge to be used with the Windows operating system due to the fact that a wide range of high quality streaming software is written for this operating system to which Pink Faun’s I2S-Bridge perfectly integrates. The I2S-Bridge is available in an entry-level 2-channel version and a multiple 8-channel version. The maximum resolution it supports is 32 bit/192kHz on all channels. The Pink Faun I2S-Bridge not only represents significant progress in music streaming but friends of hometheatre are now able to experience a highly realistic movie sensation. Surround sound transferred to a processor using SPDIF encoding has now become out-dated. By making use of the I2S format the I2S-bridge transmits, without any form of conversion, the surround sound via the high-speed buffers to the DAC.

The Pink Faun I2S-Bridge is based on a HD audio multi-channel processor of C-Media with a separate power supply providing passive and active stabilisation. A TCXO clock with its own power supply provides a very accurate signal to this Integrated Circuit. In order to obtain an excellent transfer of the I2S signal through the HDMI cable, which is used between the streamer and the DAC, the I2S signal is buffered with very fast line drivers. All tantalum capacitors, used on the Pink Faun I2S-Bridge, are ESR (equivalent series resistant). They are connected in parallel to achieve a fast and reliable electrical supply. The Pink Faun I2S-Bridge has its own power supply connector and therefore it is not necessary to have power supplied from the motherboard. In addition the I2S-Bridge has capacitors filtering the PCI feeders, which improves the computer performance.

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